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About Us


front entranceAnimal Clinic of Granger was founded in 1973 by Dr. Frank Perusek. At that time the community of Mishawaka and Granger was under served in terms of veterinary care. At the request of friends, family, and community members, Dr. Frank Perusek moved his practice to Granger from the suburbs of Chicago to provide veterinary care for this community.

Although Mishawaka and Granger are more developed now than anyone could have ever imagined, and the practice has grown and developed as the science and art of veterinary medicine has evolved, Animal Clinic of Granger still operates with Dr. Perusek's founding values of community, value, and high quality medicine.

Our Philosophy

  • At Animal Clinic of Granger we believe in offering an exceptional experience to our clients in a safe, compassionate, and caring environment
  • We believe in life long health through preventive care, client education, and a healthy lifestyle
  • We believe in hiring and employing highly trained, educated, and motivate staff that are passionate about animals and their care
  • We believe in and strive to develop and promote strong relationships with our staff, our clients, and the community in which we work and live
  • It is because of these strong beliefs that we strive to offer superior quality care and value through the art and science of veterinary medicine