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Adult Wellness

Pets age much faster than humans do, and as a result, health problems progress rapidly. Have your adult pet examined at least every 12 months and don't postpone a veterinary visit if you suspect a problem.

Annual Plan
Vaccinations as needed
Fecal testing
6 Panel Chemistry Analysis
Complete Blood Count
Comprehensive Exam and Consultation
Heartworm Check
  • General Wellness Exams
  • Attitude: alertness
  • Body Condition Score: signs of abnormal weight
  • Hydration: signs of dehydration and moisture of gums
  • Mucous Membranes: light pink is the normal color
  • Abdomen: assess internal organs and examine for any signs of discomfort
  • Cardiovascular: assess lung sounds and examine for heart murmurs
  • Dental: assess for signs of dental disease, tumors, or fractured teeth
  • Dermatologic: assess for parasites and other diseases of the skin and coat
  • Ears: examine ear drums and assess for sign of infection using an otoscope
  • Eyes: assess for vision abnormalities, cataracts, or injury using an ophthalmoscope
  • Lymph Nodes: assess for enlargement or discomfort
  • Musculoskeletal: assess for signs of arthritis, injury or defects
  • Neurologic: assess for neurologic related disease or trauma
  • Respiratory: assess for signs of asthma or other airway disease
  • Urogenital: assess for signs of infection, discomfort, or anatomical abnormalities