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Each individual animal has different dietary and nutritional needs. Our nutritional counseling and recommendations are customized for your pet.

We offer a number of very high quality pet foods in our clinic. We offer high quality maintenance diets in addition to medically necessary diets and natural diets. Diets are available for every life stage of your pet.

We realize that not all pets are created equally and each animal has different nutritional needs. We discuss diet routinely as part of the comprehensive physical examination and will gladly schedule a nutritional consultation if desired. In general, pets that are normal weight and are fed low-fat high-fiber diets tend to live longer than overweight pets

Diet and nutrition are a very important part of your pet's health. Did you know that large breed puppies require a different food than small breed puppies? Also, not all brands of food are created equal and provide different levels of nutritional value. Ask us how you can be assured your pet is getting the nutrition they need.