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"The Golden Years" Wellness

Beginning around age 7, your pet enters his or her senior years. During these years, pets often begin to develop diseases common to their senior human counterparts, such as diabetes, heart disease, endocrine disease, and cancer. These diseases can go unnoticed in their early stages, and if left untreated, can put your pet's health at risk.

Annual Premium Plan
Senior Wellness Physical Exam
12 Panel Chemistry Analysis
Thyroid Panel
Dental Exam
Chest and Abdomen X-rays
Annual Standard Plan
Complete Blood Count
12 Panel Chemistry Analysis
Dental Exam
Vaccines and Parasite Testing
Dogs: DAPP (distemper, adenovirus, parvo and parainfluenza), Rabies and Bordetella as indicated. Blood test for heartworm/tick borne diseases and fecal test for intestinal parasites.
Cats: FVRCP (rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, and panleukopenia) Leukemia and Rabies vaccines as indicated. Fecal test for intestinal parasites.