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Surgery (General)

surgerysurgery suiteOur newly designed and state of the art surgery suites allow us to provide our patients with the highest standard of surgical and post surgical care.

Our general surgical services offer routine spays and neuters to more advanced soft tissue procedures including gastrointestinal and cancer operations

We take a great deal of pride in our pain management protocols so that your pets pain is very well managed following any surgical procedure. We include Cold Laser Therapy which has been proven to decrease healing time and reduce pain

We use the safest anesthetics available as well as advanced monitoring systems during the procedure.

"The big advantage is that we can offer a much safer and effective anesthetic procedure with the new equipment, especially with high risk patients.""The sevoflurane has a low blood gas solubility so there is minimal uptake by important organs such as the liver and kidneys. The anesthetic goes virtually straight to the nervous system where is does it's job." --Dr. Frank Perusek