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Surgery Patients
Admission Times:
Surgical Check-in is from 8:00am to 8:15 am
Your pet should not have any food or water after 8:00pm the evening before the surgery. Your pet's swallowing reflex diminishes during and after anesthesia, so we want to minimize the risk of vomiting.  Vomit that ends up in the lungs can cause complications and fasting your pet greatly reduces the risks.
Pre-Surgical Testing:
Pre-anesthetic blood work is highly suggested for all surgical patients.
  • Disease without symptoms. A healthy-appearing pet may be hiding symptoms of a disease or ailment. Often an animal will loose 70% of an organs function before they have outward signs of disease. The testing will help us identify those hidden problems before anesthesia causes additional complications and serious health issues.
  • Pre-Surgical testing is used as a baseline. These tests provide baseline levels for your pet and allow us to monitor changes over time.
Post-op Pain Control:
We take pain control very seriously and follow defined pain management protocols to ensure that your pet's pain is managed following a surgical procedure. If necessary, we can also send pain medication home to be administered after discharge. Additionally we use cold laser therapy which has been shown to greatly reduce pain and healing time
Discharges are typically done the same day from 4:00-6:00pm. In the case your pet requires an overnight stay, we will discuss that scenario with you the day of the surgery.