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Preventive Wellness

preventive wellnessFor millions of us, going to the doctor on an annual basis is a routine practice. We understand that by preventing disease through preventive medicine we are often able to live longer more productive lives. We are also able to lower the risk of complications from diseases such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, arthritis, heart disease and a host of other problems.

What we may not understand is that as important as preventive medicine is for humans, it is equally or more important for our animals. On average, dogs and cats age seven times faster than we do. As a result, significant health problems can occur in a short amount of time.

The wellness packages to the left have been designed to be comprehensive and for your convenience.

  • General Wellness Exams
  • Attitude: alertness
  • Body Condition Score: signs of abnormal weight
  • Hydration: signs of dehydration and moisture of gums
  • Mucous Membranes: light pink is the normal color
  • Abdomen: assess internal organs and examine for any signs of discomfort
  • Cardiovascular: assess lung sounds and examine for heart murmurs
  • Dental: assess for signs of dental disease, tumors, or fractured teeth
  • Dermatologic: assess for parasites and other diseases of the skin and coat
  • Ears: examine ear drums and assess for sign of infection using an otoscope
  • Eyes: assess for vision abnormalities, cataracts, or injury using an ophthalmoscope
  • Lymph Nodes: assess for enlargement or discomfort
  • Musculoskeletal: assess for signs of arthritis, injury or defects
  • Neurologic: assess for neurologic related disease or trauma
  • Respiratory: assess for signs of asthma or other airway disease
  • Urogenital: assess for signs of infection, discomfort, or anatomical abnormalities